Day 17: Seventeen/many

Thankful for…

2774. Land that drinks in rain often falling on it.

2776. The grace to be here.

2766. Hearing mountain man brother’s voice, it has been a while.. he is living the bear tracks outside cabin door, half a mug of frozen hot chocolate by sleeping bag in the morning, sunset over the ridge, 4 hours to move five cows down a mountain, looking down at the clouds kind of life:


2739. All the pens I have drained of ink in my lifetime.
2754. Pages of kind words, gift cards, gas cards, checks, prayers. I am helped along in so many ways.
2763. It isn’t so much where I am- I will revert to the same basic habits and values no matter what- so what will they be?
2777. An afternoon spent with 3 favorite friends, eating pizza and acorn squash and Little Debbies and cider, watching River Monsters.
Found in 1 Peter 1:
2778. That I am shielded by God’s power, through faith.
2779. I can set my hope fully on grace.
2780. Joy, great, glorious, can’t describe it joy.
2781. The hard things, all different kinds of them, that bring grief… but also don’t last long.
2782. Mercy.
2783. Being chosen.
2784. A Father to call on.
2785. Obedience.
2786. Trust.
2787. A secure inheritance.


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