Day 11: Memorization is cool*

*but I might not make the strongest case for that. 

You may remember from day one, my  concern over how strange and weird all Bible Quizzers were. They wore strange t-shirts and goofy socks, or seemed nerdy to me in lots of other ways. The aura of “homeschool” seemed especially strong around many of them. And I added all that to my list of why I would always avoid anything to do with quizzing.

What I must have been secretly afraid of was fitting in. But I think I did, all too well. You be the judge… I was rifling through some old pictures from my quizzing days and came across these, and I’m not too proud to share them with you:

Members of team Stretch. We had so much fun… our Nationals year, we bought a ton of rubber bands and connected them all into one gigantic rubber band. We used it to rope off reserved seats, stay in a line when walking through busy halls, and as a big jump rope:

We also did things like pretend we lost a pet lizard named “Freddie”, so we would all search for him in a busy hotel lobby… causing strangers to stare at us, avoid us, or join in the search with us.

Cool, right? Speaking of cool…

Oh, goodness. Bless me. Yes… so once on a quiz trip we ate at mcdonalds, and there was a giant picture of a lady holding a chicken strip covered with bbq sauce, one big bite taken out, yet she was smiling cleanly and obviously had not just taken a bite and it just looked silly. So we joked about it. And I took this picture of me with my quiz portion, “What? A quiz book?” and then put the picture on the back of my quiz book, to be ironic. True story.

Also, I thought that wearing paper clips was awesome.

Major dork. That would be me.


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Memorization is cool*

  1. I just love these pictures, this post. Who of us wasn’t a dork in those adolescent years, but how awesome to have such fun memories committing the Word of God to heart? I heart the paper clip necklace! 😉

  2. Heheh. I love these pictures too. Even though they make me cringe a little! 🙂 But yes. I am definitely blessed to have had some really amazing experiences!

    True story about the paper clip jewelry phase: I was in algebra class, freshman year of college, and we were handing in homework. A girl in front of me leaned back and asked me if I had a paperclip. She was one of those “cool” girls, FYI. So there I was digging through my backpack, taking forever, and finally I found her a paperclip. Then I followed her slightly-sneering look to… the bracelet made of paperclips on my wrist. Haha! What can I say. 🙂

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