Day 8: Do some digging

Happy Saturday, friends! Hope you are having a good weekend. This morning I had a burst of “get-r-dun-ness” and re-potted several houseplants that needed it badly. I’ve always loved the feel and smell of dirt on my hands, ever since I was a little gal tagging along behind my dad in the garden:

Aww. 😉 Anyway, my memory tip for today is: Dig in. What I really mean by that is “do some studying” but that sounds like work and it’s Saturday! Stay with me on this. Because it’s a “Saturday” kind of work, the kind that can also be fun, and it really helps.


So as I’m memorizing 1 Peter chapter 1, I am also doing some digging. For me that looks like:

  • Starting with prayer that God will soften my heart and help me understand His words.
  • Reading the chapter in different versions. Don’t worry, this won’t mess up your memorization… it just gives different insights as to the meaning.
  • Using other study tools. I have this book that I like a lot, it is simple to use and helps me get an idea of the original wording. From this I got a mental image of being shielded/guarded/protected by God’s power through faith that helps me remember verse 5.
  • Doodling and writing down the verses… I do a lot of this! My chapter has a lot of really long sentences so it helps to break it up and look at phrases individually, maybe circle key words, draw some arrows, and whatnot.

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