Day 7: Zzzzz…

Feeling a little tired, here on Day 7! Somehow working toward a new goal brings frustration, as well as joy, to a lot of areas in your life. I’m trying to hang in there and realize it’s a process! I appreciated the Nester’s day 7 post, definitely encouraging!

Today’s memory tip: Sleep. I mean it! As you may have figured out, I am all about easy ways to memorize. For this thing to really work, it has to become part of my life. My life. So I’m sharing what works for me. For example: combining memory and sleep.

To explain… we must revisit the high school Frances.
Now she is 17, and starting in on her second year of competitive Bible quizzing,
this time more of her own accord. And in her own Accord.
(well, dad’s Accord- at the time, he was preaching at a little old church about an hour away. Every week I would drive and he would help me practice my verses.)

Even with that practice, she still was struggling.
Then, for no apparent reason, she started waking up at ridiculous hours like 3 in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep. So, possibly with the thought of
“Well this will put me to sleep!”, she’d grab her quiz book, lay in bed and go over chapters.
And eventually, she’d doze off again,
with verses still bouncing around in her sleeping brain.

Sleep is where memories become stable, according to this Harvard research on memory and sleep: “Sleep itself has a role in the consolidation of memory, which is essential for learning new information.” There is a lot of other research out there, I did a speech on this once, but it’s all very wordy and I can’t handle it right now! (Look into it for yourself if you want, sometime when you aren’t too sleep deprived and can process it, it’s pretty fascinating.) 

All I know is that my ability to recall what I had memorized really improved after all those early morning doze sessions. (I went on to get the “top quizzer” award that year, which was overwhelming and awesome and surprising.) I also used this technique for tests in college.

So the past few nights, even when I’m really tired, I have been reading through my verse cards. I’ll maybe repeat parts of them a few times, but nothing too in-depth. And then I go to sleep.

And really, what better way to end the day than hearing
the Father’s whispers as I drift off?


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