Day 5: Little C and sketching

I had a different plan for what I wanted to write about today. However, all I could think about was the little gal in the blue tank top with the deer-in-the-headlights look from yesterday’s post.

Little C, we’ll call her, one of my favorite campers over the years, kinda had that look every single time she did bible quizzing at camp. A little sassy, a lot bored. But I love that Little C, and I kept hoping and praying that maybe she’d, you know, actually realize that she could have fun with it and do well at something if she tried.

Fast forward to circa 3 years after that picture was taken. Same barn loft, only remodeled a bit. (So… no more shoving pieces of straw through the knotholes onto the backs of the horses below during chapel. Probably safer that way.) Same girls, only grown up a bit and doing better with the quizzing! Much better! Even Little C was answering a few questions here and there.

It was one of those quizzes that comes right down to the wire, the kind that is SO exciting to watch because the teams are trying their hardest, the coaches are pumped, the score is close, the time is ticking. I was the scorekeeper, and so I knew how the points stood: All of Little C’s teammates had quizzed or errored out, and so had most of the other team. If Little C answered one more question correctly, she would quiz out perfect score (for the first time ever), and their team would win. If not, they would lose, just barely.

There was time for one more question. She probably won’t be brave enough to try- or fast enough to beat the other kids- she would probably get it wrong– ALL those doubts were running through my mind, but so was this big gigantic desperate “Please!!!” prayer, you know the kind.

It was just her, sitting up there, alone.
She jumped.
She got it.
She got it right!
Everyone went crazy.
Including me.

They way I cared so much, the way I was pulling for Little C, cheering her on, so happy about her just because she was Little C, how I wanted to see her succeed…
maybe it’s a peek into how a loving Father might feel about me. And you.

Today’s tip: Overdo it. For example: if you were trying to draw a picture of this beautiful leaf (spotted on my walk yesterday), would you start in a corner and try to complete each square inch of it, one at a time, and somehow end up with a connected whole? Well, maybe you would. Maybe an expert artist would, I really don’t know. But for me at least, I’d do a rough sketch of the outline, and go from there. (Probably should have “drawn” from something I actually have knowledge about for this example!) But… I think you get the idea.

Same way for memorizing anything longer than one verse. If I get too focused on learning each one perfectly before letting myself move on, I really won’t make much progress. Plus it is way more fun and helpful to see how the individual verses fit together as a whole.

Although I’m on my 5th day, I am already working on verses 1-12 (of 1 Peter 1). I dwell on a verse, then before I feel ready, I move on to the next one, and the next one! It feels scary, actually, since I know that I don’t remember each verse word perfect. Stretches your mind a bit! Getting a “rough sketch” in your memory makes a great foundation for learning the whole chapter.


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