Day 4: Memory lights up the eyes


This morning as I memorized, walking past the same old trees, my eyes were drawn to little spots, individual leaves I wouldn’t have noticed but for how the light happened to fall. My heart also kept whispering the names of my favorite schools in Jamaica, where they are beginning the bible quiz season today (John Rollins, Goodwill, Adelphi), where precious kiddos are figuring this thing out for the first time.  

It happened to me. And in turn, I’ve seen it happen, right before my eyes. A student sitting back, timid, unsure, bored, maybe standing up every now and then but only when they are sure someone else will beat them.

And perhaps, oops, one time, they are actually the first to jump.. they are put on the spot, given a chance to answer the question. Long moments of silence, the time is ticking, everyone’s pulling for them– and they get it right! 20 points for their team!

You can’t beat that smile. You can’t get over how excited they are, the confidence and joy in their eyes.

God’s Word gives joy to the heart. And it gives light to the eyes.

That right there is a big reason to use my memory to hold chapters and verses, making them a part of me. And why I have urged others, near and far, to do the same (often through Bible quizzing). Yes it takes discipline. That’s the beginning.
It is good, though, and wonderful, and fun!
Light moves in to motivate, as the novelty fades. 


4 thoughts on “Day 4: Memory lights up the eyes

  1. Yes, I am enjoying this series. I have loved reading your posts so far, can’t wait to read the rest of the month. Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it! Debra

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