Day 3: Putting feet to it

16-year-old-Frances made it through a year of Bible Quizzing. She didn’t do great, but she did not fail as much as she thought she would. She wore goofy shirts… a striped prisonish one because our team name was the “Ex-cons” (John 8, the truth will set you free) and participated in an even goofier team cheer (“who let the cons out? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!”). Yeah… 

Then that summer, she went to quiz camp, the very first camp ever to be held at Camp Machasay in fact. (Back when it strikingly resembled a very, very old farm.) Two memories stand out:

#1: Being surprisingly amazing at capture the flag. Seriously! I was dodging old shards of tin and rusty baling twine, zooming around in my flip-flops, and somehow outrunning the two tallest, fastest boys. (I still don’t understand that. Or.. wait.. maybe they just hadn’t had a tetanus shot recently…) 
And #2: Watching her walk. One of the older girls and top quizzers, Sarah T, spent large chunks of her time pacing around the outskirts of camp, quiz book in hand. By the way she quizzed out every time and rattled off verses effortlessly, it was clear that she must have this thing figured out.

So today, I will continue surrounding myself with the verses (aka the closest you can come to osmosis, the lazy person’s favorite method).


But I will also put some feet to them (aka, the ADD person’s method… the lazy will only get you so far).









Call it a sick love for feeling productive, or ADD, or whatever, but I struggled to sit still and just quietly memorize. I also struggled to get out and exercise. But somehow, when I combined the two, it just worked. The movement really boosts your mind, helping to get things much more deeply ingrained into your memory.

Get up a little earlier than you would like.
(This is probably the hardest part!)
Put on shoes. Grab the verse cards.
Sleepily stagger out the door.
Head down the country road, through the neighborhood, around the park, wherever.
Mutter the verses to yourself, like a crazy person,
repeat chunks of them without looking, keep trying.

Walk, learn, repeat.


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