Day 2: Desperation + Initial Novelty

Welcome back to 31 Days of Memory!

It is now day 2. I’m going strong, I have about half of the chapter memorized and am wondering what to do the rest of the month…. ok, no, not true. I’m scrambling a bit. Excited? Kinda. Nervous? Yes. Scared that my motivation and enthusiasm will quickly disappear? Definitely.

That’s ok! Let us rejoin 16-year-old-Frances for a bit to find out why. You remember her: the girl who just got in way over her head with something she did not want to do in the first place. (Bless her heart!) 

I kept looking over John 5, my assigned chapter.
For starters, I tried to read it all the way through… even that was a struggle! Great.
That chapter is no easy one to memorize. (1 Peter 1, my goal for this month, is cake in comparison.) I fumbled around repeating the first few verses over and over to myself.
Not really getting anywhere.

Desperation began to set in. I was already convinced I couldn’t do this.
But I stubbornly wanted to be sure that I tried my hardest.
So, I did what anyone would do?
Printed out the whole chapter, cut it out verse by verse, and basically
re-wallpapered my room. Everywhere I looked, there it was,
this huge mass of words I was supposed to know.


So that is where I begin, again. Today I’m using my fear and enthusiasm to make verse cards and put them around the house, where on less motivated days I will still be forced to see them. Lessons? #1: It helps to have a challenge, a deadline. #2: That familiarity, surrounding and immersing my eyes with the verses, is powerful. Have I noticed it before? How much much my surroundings, the things I see every day, influence me? When I put a verse on my mirror, on my door, in my car, or on my fridge, it is amazing how effortlessly it will enter my memory. It might be worth a try… 





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