“One of those days”

You know, one of those days.

Like when you dail your own phone number… on the microwave.

Or when you search for “google”… on google. And then sit there vacantly scanning the results for a few minutes, mind basically elsewhere, before realizing what a fool you are. I do this about once a month.

Or the time in the dorms, when I was hurrying out the door for class, I saw a sign on our door. I scanned it, picking up on the words “water shut off” and “9 to 2”. I put it on the table. Then I filled up several containers with water, in case anyone would need any when the water was off. Later, I even brushed my teeth using the water I had saved… not attempting to get it from the faucet. Fast forward to work that afternoon, when roommate Pav calls me to point out that, as the sign clearly said, the water would be shut off tomorrow… not today. Not the day I filled containers with water.

Or the many those days that aren’t exciting to talk about, they are just normal days turned extra-stressful leaving you tense and tired!

Laughter is always a good idea on “those” days…. here is Brian Regan having one of them.

Also, try looking back through some old pictures. This one never fails to make me laugh!! Oh goodness.

Bless us. We don’t look stressed at all. So maybe trying on lots of mismatching clothes is also stress-relieving!

What do you do on ‘those days?”


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