Not enough

All I have to offer is…”

something too simple to really count.

a silly amount.

just enough for me.

Like maybe a little yeast, or a seed, or a few pennies, or a little lunch.

The harsh voice of not wanting to be laughed at, of practicality, says, “Well, hello, not good enough, obviously!” “So small, I should probably just hide it and hold onto it, it’s not even worth it.”

All I have is…

just not good,

not enough.

“Bring it here,” said Jesus. Thanks, blessing, brokenness, and giving… starting with the one little lunch… and 5,000+ hungry people ate till they were stuffed, and there were leftovers.

Growth of a tree takes time. Baking bread takes time. And work. There are seasons, and resting times.

Don’t look at your present state, and think that you are done for and complete. Don’t look down at what you are now, and think that you are hopeless.

Today, there is breathing room. There is time to be still. There is time to trust. The One who won’t break a bruised reed, or snuff out a barely-burning candle, does not disregard the small and insignificant.


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