Monday gifts

“Love is larger than the walls which shut it in.” -Corrie Ten Boom 

Forgiveness, thankfulness, these are a few things that are changing my life and they are huge themes in The Hiding Place. I realized I was familiar with the story but had never actually read the book. Now I’m sad that I waited this long! It is hard to put down, and it is just so inspiring.

Sometimes when I’m jotting down things I’m thankful for, I look back over the list for that day and think “hmm, these are kindof silly and mundane.” After reading the Hiding Place, and reflecting on 9/11, well first of all you realize that you have no reason to complain about anything… and I also recognize these everyday things for the huge gifts that they are:

… sunshine glowing through leaves.

… a quiet moment outdoors after a busy day.

… fresh air to breathe.

… clean water to drink whenever I want it.

… Peace and freedom, not having to live in fear.


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