Labor Day hygiene

Labor Day texts between friends of 17 years: 

Cherry: We went camping.. it was fun except for my allergies plus I haven’t showered for 36 hours.

Frances: Well I sympathize with the allergies but I haven’t showered since Saturday morning myself!

And no, I wasn’t camping. (Years of camp experience, though, have helped me perfect the minimal shower system.. thank you, camp! And AB, the master.)

Sunday morning, I overslept and woke up 12 minutes before church, whoops, oh well! I struggle with living so close to my church (like a 4 minute drive), I always assume it will take me 4 minutes no time at all! to get there, so I have been consistently late all summer. Even when I don’t over-snooze.

And Monday? Well, what better way to celebrate labor day… than by reading instead of showering, going and getting ice cream with friends and eating it outside in the sunshine, working for 4 hours (yes I worked on Labor Day- that’s what you are supposed to do right?), and delivering laundry (long story). I don’t think I’ll do exactly that every year, but it was a good day!


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