“And I know Frances, she is actually my roommate.”

“Oh really? When I first met I her I thought, oh… no… she’s so kind and sweet.. mom is going to eat her up! But she didn’t and we just love her now! We just love her! Don’t we mom?”

“Yes.. yes we do.”

-Reported conversation between my roommate Kay-Bay (who is also a caregiver), one of the ladies I care for, and her daughter.

This made me smile. And it is probably why Bilbo Baggins is one of my favorite fictional characters, since he and I have something in common: we aren’t quite as predictable and puny as we might initially appear! Thank goodness.

I treasure every compliment from this lady and her family, since she is often a bit more, er, challenging to care for. The “mom will eat her up” comment was not far out of the range of possibility! Even now, although I’ve been with her for almost two years and have been blessed to earn some trust and commonality.  

Just this last week as I pulled in the drive, I was praying: “oof, Father, I’ve already had quite a ‘Monday’, I’m tired, and I just can’t handle an evening of tiptoeing around every issue carefully, trying to avoid being yelled at!” Ended up being a wonderful time.
I took it slow
bit my tongue 
showed compassion I didn’t feel at first,
and I left her door with a smile on my face and a tenderized heart.

With my birthday come and gone, I’m focusing on “my Psalm” for this year, a little tradition I have to hang with the psalm that matches my age. “He leads the humble in what is right, He teaches the humble His way.” (Ps. 25) Also from Psalm 51, one of my favorite verses, “But You desire honesty from the heart, so You can teach me to be wise in my inmost being.”

If you are dealing with a “challenge” right now, it’s ok that you don’t have it all together! It’s ok to need some help! This is a beautiful place to start… be honest, be humble. Trust.


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