Wols on the walls

Found this owl at Goodwill.. lookin a little sad… so I brought it home..

… and then painted it white! Now it goes great on this shelf in my room.

I just love owls. They are solitary and nocturnal.. we have that in common sometimes.. and of course very wise, another quality we obviously share. Owls are found in many favorite books- Narnia, Harry Potter, Redwall, Winnie-the-Pooh.

When the boys were younger and we still had a Christmas Eve sibling sleepover (eventually Joe certain people wanted the comfort of their own bed instead of the floor, and that particular tradition died, but don’t worry we started new ones), I would read out loud from Pooh:

So Owl wrote…and this is what he wrote: HIPY PAPY BTHETHDTH THUTHDA BTHUTHDY. Pooh looked on admiringly. “I’m just saying ‘A Happy Birthday’,” said Owl carelessly. “It’s a nice long one,” said Pooh, very much impressed by it.

Oh Owl (his spelling: “Wol”). I definitely remember my rendition of that part making the boys howl with laughter… or should I say, hoot!




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