Early in my dorm years, I realized that keeping some record of the ridiculous things that people said was a necessity. Hence the Quote Board was born, soon multiplying into three Quote Boards, and any guests who ever doubted how crazy we were had only to read the writing on the walls.

When we moved to the red house, I consolidated all the quotes from 3 poster boards into a big black Quote Book, now nearly full. That is a LOT of quotes, people. The Quote Book lives on our coffee table, to be written in or perused at any time. While most of our friends make at least several appearances in this book, the roommates and their day-to-day chats were/are the truly lavish contributors:

  • Kay-Bay’s best quotes come when she is tired or confused. Which is often.
  • Pav’s all-time greatest quotes are when at the last minute her mind comes up with TWO words she’d like to say at the same time… and so she creates a hybrid word, spoken in a weird and unnecessarily loud drawl.
  • Nanner’s are verbalized perkily and confidently, usually followed by a goofy laugh.
  • Mine come when I think before speaking speak before thinking.

For example- 

“When I have my daily Richard Simmons thought…” -Kay-Bay

“Girls, I need to quit my sluuurbing!” -Pav (slurring? Stuttering? Slurping?)

“Would you like a value meal?” -drive-thru lady
“No, thank you. I’d like a #10 please.” -Kay-Bay

“Frances, will you tuck my hair behind your ear?” -Nanner

“I’m always running around with a chicken with it’s head cut off!” -Pav

“You know what they say about leprechauns…” [armadillos with leprosy] -Pav, followed by, “I don’t know why leprechauns came out of my mouth..”

[“In an ideal world”]
“Nigel??” -Nanner

Original object: Pumkin Muffins with Butter 
Varied renderings: “Bumkin Mutter Puffins.” -me
and “Pumkin Buffins with Mutter” -Pav 

I’m thankful to have always had a place to come home to at the end of a long day, knowing that I’d find friendly conversation with a high likelihood of helpless laughter. And, I’m thankful that I’ve been scribe enough to write it all down!

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
      but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength. -Proverbs 17:22


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