Fill in the blank

“Congratulations! You will be receiving a…”

Let’s set the scene: I’m on the phone with a Mary Kay lady, for a good 30 minutes now, because one of my friends is now selling Mary Kay and needs to listen to her supervisor explain the workings of Mary Kay a certain number of times.. so I said sure, I’ll help you out and take this phone call.

I’m wandering erratically in my backyard, watering plants, messing around, while learning the business plan of Mary Kay which is sorta interesting, but at the same time not. The lady I am talking to is very bubbly and nice, but the phone kept cutting out at certain points making it hard to hear her.

She explained the “self promotion” aspect of being a Mary Kay person, and this is what I heard

“Ok Frances! Now I am going to give you an example scenario! And I want you to fill in the blank of the last word! Say you get called into your doctor’s office, and he says, ‘Congratulations! You will be receiving a…. the word starts with ‘P’!”

…… silence on my end………. I’m at a total loss. Who gets randomly called into their doctors office with such a congratulatory tone? I stall: “Ummm sorry, is that ‘T’ or ‘P’?”

“‘P’ as in ‘pet’! Go ahead, fill in the blank! ‘Congratulations, you will be receiving a….”

Wow, ok, this is really odd……. but I have to say something! “A … physical?”


Actually, the word was “promotion,” because this scenario didn’t take place in a healthcare setting at all…. but rather “in your bosses office.”

At which point the conversation derailed quite a bit, for me at least. It was taking all my concentration not to giggle uncontrollably or end with a double “you-too!” moment, like I nearly did in my real bosses office the other day:

Me: “Ok, bye! Have a nice evening!”

Boss: “You too, thanks!”

Me: “You t—- uh, right, bye!”

And also I would like a promotion…. ? … sigh.


4 thoughts on “Fill in the blank

  1. I love the feeling of trying not to burst into hysterical laughter on the phone. Once I did, with my sister, just as she answered the phone. She thought I was dying, and the more she asked if I was ok, the more hysterically I laughed. Psycho, I know, but strangely typical in my world.
    I guess your friend got a good training session! You make me laugh.

  2. Oh, what a hoot!! Simply great laughter at bedtime! I am doing laundry now and thought I’d log on while waiting for the sheets to dry. I laughed and laughed, Frances!!!!!! So, I’m wiping the tears from my faces from side-splitting laughter now. I will have to show Wayne in the AM. Love you!

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