Girl vs. rental tux unreliability

This summer of weddings, it seems like there has been one moment of each one that will be unexpectedly memorable.

At my brother’s, it happened after the ceremony when we were taking pictures. As he and his new wife were posing, I heard him say something about how he couldn’t button his jacket cause the button came off. WELL, being me, I had a needle and black thread in my purse. Believe me, this has come in handy at more than one wedding this summer!

So at the next available opportunity, I had Joe sit down and I sewed the button back on. When I finished and it came time to cut the thread, I said, “Don’t be nervous, but this the only way,” and pulled out my Bear Grylls knife (one size bigger than Buckshot’s [youngest brother], not intentional??? haha). And of course, brother and his groomsmen’s eyes lit up, being pretty much crazy about blades and survival and all that. “You are so the boss right now!” says brother as I sever the thread.

It’s a little hard on the heart to see brother get married. He’s my first sibling, schoolmate, go-to guy and friend. Those bonds are strong. And as for me… I’m sister, yes, but also, big sis. The one who makes it happen and feels a tad protective. The one who is so excited that he’s married, but has to let go a little bit.

My Father knew all that… so I’m thankful for that little opportunity on a day of tears, laughter, and change to be my heroic sister self. You know, the one with a flowery dress and curly hair and Bear Grylls knife.


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